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Swelling in the caesarean section scar
  1. M Hussien,
  2. J W R Peyton
  1. South Tyrone Hospital, Carland Road, Dungannon, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland BT71 4AU, UK
  1. Mr Hussien (e-mail: maged{at}

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A 38 year old women, para 3+1, presented with a two month history of painful swelling in her caesarean section scar. She had two caesarean sections seven and 10 years earlier. She had a long history of irregular menstrual periods.

On examination there was a tender, firm 2 × 2 cm swelling in the right side of the phannensteil incision scar. There was no cough impulse.


What is the differential diagnosis?
What investigations should you consider?
How would you treat this patient?

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