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MCQs for the PLAB examination
  1. DPS SANDHU, Consultant Urological Surgeon
  1. Leicester General Hospital
  2. Leicester LE5 4PW, UK

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    MCQs for the PLAB examination, Kavita Dutta, pp 160. Butterworth Heinemann, 1998. £15.99, paperback. ISBN 0 7506 4004 9. ★★

    The success rate for the PLAB examination is about 30% and therefore any publication that can guide candidates to the standard required is to be welcomed. The author is able to bring a personal touch to the book as she herself had to sit the PLAB examination. The book consists of a compilation of MCQs from past PLAB tests, collected by her. These are presented in 15 papers which cover the major clinical subjects and basic sciences, and sensible advice given on MCQ technique such as the importance of timing, negative marking, and avoiding common errors. PLAB part one is held in several overseas centres and since the stem questions arise from previous papers, this book will be useful for candidates abroad who may have difficulty in getting examples of past papers. There is a helpful index at the back of the book.

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