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Medical receptionists and secretaries handbook
  1. Department of Medicine, Leicester General Hospital, Leicester LE5 4PW, UK

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    Medical receptionists and secretaries handbook, 2nd edn. Mari Robbins. Radcliffe Medical Press Ltd, 1998. £14.99, hardback

    This book is a comprehensive guide for medical receptionists and secretaries. It deals with the structure and development of the NHS from the earliest origins of public health services up to present day developments. There are sections covering important issues for all NHS staff in hospital and general practice, including aspects of law, ethics, duties and rights of staff and patients, and health and safety issues in a clinical environment.

    Practical skills in general practice and the hospital are covered, although the book is biased towards general practice and the role of the receptionist, the role of the medical secretary in the hospital not being dealt with in much depth. Many of the related hospital areas are, however, included, with references to the medical records department, case notes and retention of records, computing, structure of the NHS, medical audit, and training development.

    Medical terminology is covered briefly, but this book will not replace a good medical dictionary and terminology handbook, both of which are of greater value.

    Various forms are illustrated throughout the book which is useful, perhaps more so in general practice, and there are some good flow charts, (especially one illustrating the 1982 reorganisation of the NHS) which would be useful for people studying for examinations.

    This book is interesting and informative and would be ideally used for college students studying for examinations such as the AMSPAR diploma or for people new to the NHS to include as part of their training/induction packages.

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