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Essential statistics for medical examinations
  1. ROBERT GREGORY, Consultant Physician
  1. Leicester General Hospital, Leicester, UK

    Statistics from

    Essential statistics for medical examinations, B Faragher, C Marguerie. PasTest, 1998. £13.50, paperback

    This little book from the PasTest stable of revision aids claims to cover all aspects of statistics commonly tested in medical examinations. I shall have to take the authors' word for this. Previous knowledge of statistics is not assumed, but I doubt that a genuine statistical virgin would gain very much from this book. Indeed, the authors state in the preface that their book is not a substitute for a textbook on medical statistics (sic) and a recommended reading list is provided. It is reasonable to assume that medical graduates will have had some exposure to statistics and this book will help to refresh their memories about concepts and terms which have been learned and subsequently forgotten along with so much of the undergraduate curriculum. I recommend starting with the sample multiple choice questions at the end If you score 100% you do not need to read the rest of the book! If you do not, it will help to identify gaps in your knowledge and guide you to the relevant chapters. The text is succinct and reminiscent of contemporaneous lecture notes. The two-page outline for tackling a critical reading question is very helpful The cartoons by Mr RK Harrison are amusing, particularly those reproduced on the front cover.

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