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Project management for health care professionals
  1. SIMONE JORDAN, Director of Human Resources
  1. Leicester General Hospital NHS Trust
  2. Gwendolen Road, Leicester LE5 4PW, UK

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    Project management for health care professionals, K Roberts, C Ludvigsen. Butterworth Heinemann, 1998. £16.99, paperback

    This 144-page book bills itself as a “practical guide for health care professionals who want to know how to plan, manage and evaluate a project whether on a small or an international scale”. It aims to address specific problems faced by healthcare professionals in the area of project management and promises to do all of this quickly and practically. Having read the book, I can confirm that it succeeds!

    The introduction usefully defines project management in simple terms. It also identifies the structure of the book, thus making it very easy to use. The four sections can be taken together for an overview of the whole subject or used separately for specific purposes. The first identifies six stages for managing projects and demonstrates well the applicability of a project management approach to the many challenges facing today's healthcare professional, from whatever discipline. The second provides a useful guide to some development tools. Whilst some of the examples are not the best I have seen, they do give at least an appreciation of the techniques covered. Section three, possibly the least useful, provides real examples of project work whilst section four is a ‘jargonbuster’.

    This book is not an academic work, underpinned by references and lots of research. What it is, however, is what it says it is − a practical guide to project management. It could be extremely valuable to those who are new to the subject and to those who wish to jog their memories. This is not a book which will sit on my shelf gathering dust.

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