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Mesenteric revascularisation for acute-on-chronic intestinal ischaemia.
  1. R. J. Holdsworth,
  2. Z. Raza,
  3. S. Naidu,
  4. P. T. McCollum
  1. Department of Surgery, Stirling Royal Infirmary, Livilands, UK.


    Eleven patients (eight women) underwent urgent revascularisation for acute-on-chronic mesenteric ischaemia. Four patients had dual vessel and seven single vessel reconstructions. Two patients underwent simultaneous bowel resection and one patient has had three separate grafts to the superior mesenteric artery. There were two peri-operative deaths and three have died in the late follow-up period after 18, 24 and 36 months. The remainder have survived for between five and 63 months. Revascularisation for acute-on-chronic mesenteric ischaemia has been shown to be technically possible and of substantial benefit to patients who would otherwise be treated as terminal cases.

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