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The effects of octreotide in a patient with Nelson's syndrome.
  1. F. Kelestimur,
  2. C. Utas,
  3. O. Ozbakir,
  4. A. Selçuklu,
  5. O. Kandemir,
  6. N. Ozcan
  1. Department of Internal Medicine, Erciyes University Medical School, 38039 Kayseri-Turkey.


    We have administered octreotide, 100 micrograms tid, to a 27-year-old man with Nelson's syndrome. After seven days of therapy, adrenocorticotropin levels fell to 54% of initial values, and some shrinkage of the tumour was observed. This study indicates that octreotide therapy may have a role in the treatment of Nelson's syndrome.

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