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Stroke in patients aged over 75 years: outcome and predictors.
  1. L. Kalra,
  2. D. H. Smith,
  3. P. Crome
  1. Department of Medicine for Elderly People, Bromley Hospital, UK.


    The outcome and predictors of stroke rehabilitation were studied prospectively in 96 patients (mean age 81.3 +/- 5.4 years) admitted to geriatric wards from a well-defined area over one year. Of these, 32 (33%) died (median survival 11 days), 52 (54%) returned home (median hospital stay 69 days) and 12 (13%) required long-term care (median hospital stay 164 days). Deaths and discharges showed a bimodal pattern; nearly 40% of the patients died or were discharged within 2 weeks of admission. Early death correlated with level of consciousness (P = 0.02), neurological deficit (P = 0.01) and prestroke Barthel scores (P = 0.04) on admission. Patients with right- rather than left-sided hemiparesis (P = 0.02), good motor power (P = 0.002) and without sensory deficit/inattention (P = 0.002) were discharged early. Discharge home was adversely affected by poor awareness of deficit (P = 0.02), hemianopia (P = 0.03) and incontinence (P = 0.02) assessed at 2 weeks. Stroke survivors with Barthel score < 6 and Mental Test Score < 4 at 2 weeks after stroke required long-term care.

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