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Cerebellar manifestations of prostatic carcinoma.
  1. J. McLoughlin,
  2. J. C. Gingell,
  3. G. Harper,
  4. A. Hinchliffe
  1. Department of Urology, Southmead Hospital Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol, UK.


    We present two patients known to have prostate cancer who presented with acute cerebellar signs. The neurological deficit of the first patient was due to a paraneoplastic cerebellar manifestation and progressed, despite evidence of response of the primary prostate tumour to hormonal manipulation. The second case, resulting from a solitary cerebellar metastasis, was amenable to surgical intervention and subsequent hormonal manipulation. This latter patient has experienced no recurrent neurological signs after a period of 7 years follow-up. This is the first report of a paraneoplastic cerebellar deficit and, to our knowledge, only the sixth case of parenchymatous cerebellar metastasis of prostatic origin to appear in the literature.

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