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Carotid sinus syndrome after carotid artery surgery.
  1. A. Dees,
  2. R. J. Batenburg de Jong,
  3. C. A. Meeuwis,
  4. M. F. de Boer,
  5. P. W. de Leeuw
  1. Department of Medical Oncology, Rotterdam Cancer Institute, The Netherlands.


    A 63 year old woman had been intensively treated for recurrent carcinoma of the neck. Following acute vascular surgery of the carotid artery, she developed the vasodilatory type of the carotid sinus syndrome. The presentation of this type of the syndrome was remarkable, since it is usually associated with primary or metastatic carcinoma in the neck region. Previous cancer treatment may have modified the course of disease in this patient, which ultimately had a lethal outcome.

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