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Glomerulonephritis associated with antibodies to neutrophil cytoplasm and glomerular basement membrane.
  1. D. R. McCance,
  2. A. P. Maxwell,
  3. C. M. Hill,
  4. C. C. Doherty
  1. Renal Unit, Belfast City Hospital, UK.


    The prognosis for recovery of renal function of oligoanuric patients with anti-glomerular basement membrane disease is generally regarded as poor. Five patients are reported with dialysis-dependent renal failure in whom antibodies were present simultaneously both to neutrophil cytoplasm and glomerular basement membrane all of whom responded, at least initially, to immunosuppressive therapy and plasma exchange. Two of the 5 remain in clinical and immunological remission at 25 and 51 months of follow-up. We suggest that reversal of dialysis-dependent renal failure may be possible in some patients who display this dual antibody positivity.

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