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Malignant small cell tumour (Askin-Rosai) of the pericardium.
  1. K. M. Mohandas,
  2. R. F. Chinoy,
  3. N. H. Merchant,
  4. R. G. Lotliker,
  5. P. B. Desai
  1. Critical Care Unit, Tata Memorial Hospital, Parel, Bombay, India.


    An Askin-Rosai tumour presenting as effusive constrictive pericarditis is reported. A 2-D echocardiogram was strongly suggestive of a primary pericardial tumour, and multiple pericardial and pleural aspiration failed to yield malignant cells. The final diagnosis was made at autopsy. Primary pericardial Askin-Rosai tumour has not to our knowledge been previously reported.

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