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A five year audit of the role of parathyroid hormone assays and thallium-technetium isotope subtraction scanning in the preoperative investigation of primary hyperparathyroidism.
  1. J. I. Livingstone,
  2. M. Tellez,
  3. M. Burke,
  4. P. J. Ashby,
  5. M. G. Rinsler
  1. Department of Surgery, Northwick Park Hospital, Harrow, Middlesex, UK.


    An audit has been performed of the value of parathyroid hormone assays and thallium-technetium isotope scanning in the pre-operative investigation of 67 hypercalcaemic patients referred for surgery over a 5 year period. Parathyroid hormone assay by region-specific technique was found to have a diagnostic sensitivity of 75% (n = 52) whilst the more recent assay for the intact molecule was 97% sensitive (n = 34). Thallium-technetium isotope scanning was only 64% sensitive overall (n = 59), due in part to the small size of adenomata now being referred for surgery. This study confirms the role of the intact parathyroid hormone assay but questions that of thallium-technetium isotope scanning in standard protocols of investigation for hypercalcaemia.

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