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Association of Addison's disease with autoimmune disorders--a long-term observation of 180 patients.
  1. A. A. Kasperlik-Zaluska,
  2. B. Migdalska,
  3. B. Czarnocka,
  4. J. Drac-Kaniewska,
  5. E. Niegowska,
  6. W. Czech
  1. Department of Endocrinology, Centre of Postgraduate Medical Education, Warsaw, Poland.


    This study aimed at evaluating the frequency of autoimmune disorders in Addison's disease. We have observed 180 patients (113 females, 67 males, aged 9-74 years) for 1 to 26 years. Tuberculosis was noted in 54 patients. Autoimmune disorders were found in 80 patients (44%); however, 125 (69%) patients were believed to have an autoimmune origin of adrenocortical insufficiency. In 20 patients two or more autoimmune disorders were found to coexist with Addison's disease.

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