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Polymyositis complicating D-penicillamine treatment.
  1. A. O. Aydintug,
  2. R. Cervera,
  3. D. D'Cruz,
  4. G. Ramírez,
  5. R. A. Asherson,
  6. M. A. Khamashta,
  7. G. R. Hughes
  1. Lupus Arthritis Research Unit, Rayne Institute, St Thomas' Hospital, London, UK.


    Although there is good evidence that D-penicillamine can induce polymyositis, the exact pathogenic mechanism remains unclear. We report two patients with psoriatic arthritis and primary biliary cirrhosis respectively, who developed polymyositis while receiving D-penicillamine treatment for their primary diseases. Whether D-penicillamine treatment was the sole cause of polymyositis or acted as a trigger for the development of a secondary autoimmune disease is discussed.

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