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Addison's disease, hypertension, renal and hepatic microthrombosis in 'primary' antiphospholipid syndrome.
  1. S. Inam,
  2. K. Sidki,
  3. A. R. al-Marshedy,
  4. R. Judzewitsch
  1. Department of Medicine, Riyadh Armed Forces Hospital, Saudia Arabia.


    We describe a 14 year old boy with antiphospholipid syndrome who initially presented at the age of 10 with recurrent loin pain, fever, weight loss, leucocytosis, thrombocytopenia, hypertension and haematuria. He had primary adrenal insufficiency with bilaterally enlarged adrenals on computed tomographic (CT) scan consistent with adrenal infarction. Renal and liver biopsies showed microthrombi in the glomerular capillaries and hepatic sinusoids respectively. The case is unusual in that hypertension rather than hypotension was dominant and a CT scan was consistent with bilateral adrenal infarction without haemorrhage. He represented with evidence of persistent hypertension with glomerulosclerosis and glomerular microthrombi on repeat renal biopsy. He continues to have permanent adrenal insufficiency with complete atrophy of his adrenals.

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