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An evaluation of combining thiopentone and etomidate for the induction of anaesthesia.
  1. R. M. Slater,
  2. B. J. Pollard,
  3. T. M. Young,
  4. L. P. Hunt
  1. Department of Anaesthesia, University of Manchester, UK.


    The characteristics of three combinations of thiopentone and etomidate [in the ratios of thiopentone (mg):etomidate (mg) of 5:1, 13:1 and 25:1] have been compared with the individual agents alone for the induction of anaesthesia. The incidence of pain on injection and abnormal movements was less with the combination containing the highest ratio of thiopentone to etomidate, when compared to etomidate alone. The mixtures did not otherwise confer any advantages over the individual agents.

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