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Recurrent transient thyrotoxicosis in multinodular goitre.
  1. R. Arem
  1. Department of Medicine, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas 77030.


    A patient initially presented with an autonomously functioning right thyroid nodule and transient hyperthyroidism which lasted for a few months. Several months after resolution of thyrotoxicosis, the patient had a recurrent episode of hyperthyroidism and was found to have a left hot nodule. The right hyperfunctioning nodule had become cold on scintigraphy, and its aspiration revealed haemorrhagic fluid suggesting haemorrhagic infarction as the mechanism of resolution of the first episode of hyperthyroidism. Again following resolution of the second episode of hyperthyroidism, the left hot nodule also became hypofunctioning on scintigraphy indicating that the spontaneous restoration to euthyroidism was secondary to infarction. Recurrent hyperthyroidism and resolution due to nodular infarction in a patient with a nodular goitre may mimic the more common causes of transient thyrotoxicosis and should be considered in the differential diagnosis of goitrous hyperthyroidism.

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