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Incidence of overt and covert neurological damage in children with sickle cell disease.
  1. P. C. Hindmarsh,
  2. M. Brozovic,
  3. C. G. Brook,
  4. S. C. Davies
  1. Department of Paediatrics, Central Middlesex Hospital, London, UK.


    We studied 25 patients with sickle cell disease (15 with HbSS; 8 with HbSC and 2 with HbS beta degree) using neurological examination as a marker of overt and computed tomographic (CT) scan as a marker of covert neurological damage. Of the 25 patients, 5 (20%) had evidence of cerebral infarcts on CT scan, but only 4 of these 5 patients had neurological signs. Neurological problems were only seen in patients with HbSS. We could not identify any haematological risk factors, but in this small group of HbSS patients a crisis rate greater than 1 per year of follow up was associated with a significant risk of neurological damage.

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