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Regional lipiodolized chemotherapy for cholangiocarcinoma associated with oral contraceptives.
  1. J. J. McAleer,
  2. W. Dickey,
  3. R. Clarke,
  4. G. W. Johnston,
  5. M. E. Callender
  1. Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast, UK.


    We describe a case of cholangiocarcinoma in a young woman, who presented with cholestatic jaundice following oral contraceptive ingestion. Following diagnostic laparotomy she received intra-arterial 'lipiodolized' chemotherapy. Intravenous mitozantrone was given for 2 years and she is asymptomatic, with computed tomographic evidence of tumour response, 27 months after diagnosis. We suggest that this form of treatment is of value for cholangiocarcinoma.

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