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The breast pain clinic: a rational approach to classification and treatment of breast pain.
  1. C. D. Griffith,
  2. C. S. Dowle,
  3. C. P. Hinton,
  4. R. W. Blamey
  1. University Department of Surgery, City Hospital, Nottingham, UK.


    Three hundred and fifty women complaining of breast pain symptoms of sufficient severity to interfere with their normal lifestyle were reviewed in a special breast pain clinic over a 5 year period. Seventy-two patients (21%) had spontaneous resolution of breast pain and they required reassurance only before discharge. Of the remaining 278 patients, accurate classification of breast pain syndromes was achieved in 89%, the commonest syndrome being cyclical breast pain which accounted for 54% of the women followed up. The remaining womens' breast pain was classified as trigger zone (14%), continuous (8%), Tietze's disease (5%), spinal root (4%), duct ectasia (4%) and psychological depression (2%). In the remaining 25 patients (9%) the breast pain could not be classified. The experience from this clinic is that a majority of women complaining of severe breast pain symptoms can be accurately classified and appropriate therapy instituted.

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