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Growth hormone responses to hp GRF 1-44 amide, bromocriptine and stress in acromegaly are correlated.
  1. P. E. Belchetz
  1. Department of Medicine, University of Liverpool, UK.


    The results of testing growth hormone (GH) reserve using human pancreatic growth hormone-releasing factor 1-44 amide (hp GRF 1-44 amide) have been compared with the GH responses in a variety of other dynamic tests in seven acromegalic patients. The GH release following hp GRF 1-44 amide correlated with the GH suppression following bromocriptine, but showed an inverse correlation with the GH release following stress tests (insulin-induced hypoglycaemia/glucagon). There was no correlation between the GH responses in these three tests and any of the other tests: TRH, GnRH and glucose. A hypothesis is proposed to explain these findings on the basis of varying degrees of GH secretion from adenomatous and normal pituitary somatotrophs in acromegaly.

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