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Macrocytic anaemia due to copper deficiency in a patient with late onset hypogammaglobulinaemia.
  1. S. M. Oppenheimer,
  2. B. I. Hoffbrand,
  3. T. L. Dormandy,
  4. N. Parker,
  5. D. G. Wickens
  1. Department of Medicine, Whittington Hospital, London, UK.


    Very few cases of acquired severe copper deficiency have been described. The principal effects are haematological, but the precise abnormalities are uncertain due to the possible association of other deficiencies. A case of isolated severe copper deficiency associated with late onset hypogammaglobulinaemia is reported in which the chief findings were macrocytic anaemia, neutropenia and a decrease in mean platelet volume. All these abnormalities resolved when copper therapy was instituted and recurred when the medication was stopped.

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