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Herpes zoster and its neurological complications.
  1. C. M. Chang,
  2. E. Woo,
  3. Y. L. Yu,
  4. C. Y. Huang,
  5. D. Chin
  1. Department of Medicine, Queen Mary Hospital, University of Hong Kong.


    Ninety-three Chinese patients with cutaneous herpes zoster were seen during a 4-year period. Thoracic zoster occurred most commonly, followed by ophthalmic, cervical and lumbosacral zoster. Neurological complications were present in eleven patients (11.8%), the commonest being Ramsay-Hunt syndrome and segmental limb paresis. The clinical picture, pathogenesis, treatment and outcome of segmental limb paresis, myelitis and delayed contralateral hemiparesis following zoster ophthalmicus are discussed. Nine immunocompromised patients received intravenous adenine arabinoside (vidarabine) or acycloguanosine (acyclovir), and no cutaneous or visceral spread occurred in these patients.

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