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Comparison of the effects of atenolol, sotalol and labetalol on muscle blood flow in man.
  1. G. V. Raman,
  2. F. M. Mwongera,
  3. D. J. Warren


    A double-blind study of the effect of three beta-adrenoceptor blocking drugs (beta-blockers) on exercise muscle blood flow (MBF) in 14 normotensive volunteers was carried out. MBF was measured by the xenon-133 clearance technique. MBF was not altered by placebo, sotalol or labetalol. Atenolol significantly reduced MBF compared with placebo, sotalol and labetalol. We conclude that sotalol and labetalol may be more useful than conventional beta-blockers for treatment of hypertension or angina in association with peripheral vascular disease.

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