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Human serum parvovirus associated vasculitis.
  1. T. C. Li Loong,
  2. P. V. Coyle,
  3. M. J. Anderson,
  4. G. E. Allen,
  5. J. H. Connolly


    A 48 year old man had a severe symmetrical arthritis of knee and ankle joints accompanied by an extensive purpuric rash of both legs and several areas of skin necrosis. No other system was clinically involved. Human serum parvovirus-specific IgM was present in a blood sample taken 2 weeks after the onset of the clinical illness indicating recent infection with this virus. The patient was treated with complete bed rest, and the application of saline soaks to both legs. He had a recurrence of the rash 5 weeks after onset, but otherwise made a complete recovery. Purpura with skin necrosis has not previously been reported in association with this virus.

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