Postgrad Med J 61:317-320 doi:10.1136/pgmj.61.714.317
  • Research Article

Requests for hypnotic drugs and placebo response in elderly hospital in-patients.


Requests for night sedation and the use of placebo as first line drug management were studied prospectively in 1174 consecutive elderly hospital in-patients. Of the 390 (33.2%) patients requesting sleeping pills in hospital, 37 were subsequently satisfied without the prescription of additional medication. A further 216 patients were entirely satisfied with a placebo capsule during all of their hospital stay. An 'active' hypnotic drug was required by only 137 patients, many of whom were noisy and disturbing other patients in the ward. Most of the active hypnotic drugs prescribed to elderly hospital patients are unnecessary and a majority of those requesting hypnotics consistently respond to placebo. There remains a need for greater education of patients, nurses and doctors in the non-pharmacological management of sleep disorders.