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Renovascular hypertension associated with bilateral aldosteronoma.
  1. M. I. Vircburger,
  2. G. M. Prelević,
  3. P. Todorović,
  4. P. Bojić,
  5. L. A. Perić,
  6. N. Paunković


    The authors present a 35-year-old male patient with renovascular hypertension caused by the stenosis of both renal arteries of the right kidney. Two years after the diagnosis of hypertension was made, an endarterectomy was performed but a successful correction of the upper stenotic artery was not achieved. During the next 2 years the hypertensive disease was uncontrollable with antihypertensive medications and gradually entered into a malignant phase. In addition to the atrophy of the right kidney, an adenoma of the left adrenal gland was revealed (19.75 g) which was operated on. Left adrenalectomy had only a transitory benefit on blood pressure level. Five months later an adenoma of the right adrenal gland was diagnosed and together with the ischaemic right kidney was operated on (right adrenalectomy and nephrectomy) which definitely cured the hypertension. The chronological sequence of events and the course of the disease in the patient point to the possibility that long-standing hyper-reninaemia, due to renal ischaemia, may cause the development of multiple bilateral adrenocortical adenomas and that secondary aldosteronism may transform into primary.

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