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A single dose comparison of a combination of fenoterol and ipratropium aerosols in bronchial asthma.
  1. P. Lawford,
  2. K. N. Palmer


    Nine patients with reversible obstructive airways disease were studied to compare the bronchodilator response to a combination of fenoterol and ipratropium aerosols with two dose levels of fenoterol alone. Using a double-blind, cross-over, single dose regime, 200 micrograms fenoterol hydrobromide and 80 micrograms ipratropium bromide was compared to 400 micrograms fenoterol + placebo, and to 200 micrograms fenoterol + placebo. There was no significant difference between the combination and either dose of fenoterol in terms of peak or duration of response as determined by absolute or percent change in forced expiratory volume in one second, or forced vital capacity, over baseline.

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