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Plasma ranitidine concentrations after intravenous administration in normal volunteers and haemodialysis patients.
  1. A. P. Roberts,
  2. C. Harrison,
  3. G. T. Dixon,
  4. J. R. Curtis


    A comparison was made of the plasma concentrations of ranitidine base in 12 normal volunteers after the administration of 100 mg intravenously and in 6 patients with terminal renal failure after 40 mg intravenously off and then during haemodialysis. The plasma ranitidine concentrations were determined by radioimmunoassay. The results suggest that reduced elimination of the drug occurs in patients with severe renal failure and that there is significant removal of the drug during haemodialysis. It is suggested that dosage reduction is advisable in patients with severe renal failure and a suitable schedule for such patients is described.

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