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Malaria in children in Birmingham in the 1970s
  1. D. P. Addy,
  2. P. M. Mathew


    Thirty-two children with malaria were admitted to Dudley Road Hospital, Birmingham, in the 1970s. None was admitted before 1974 and there was a rapid increase after that. All the infections were due to Plasmodium vivax and occurred in children of Asian immigrant families who had been born in or had visited India or Pakistan apart from one infant born in England who acquired the disease transplacentally. All presented within 12 months of entering or re-entering the United Kingdom. The clinical features of the 32 patients have been analysed and it is suggested that more effort should be made to educate travellers about the need for anti-malarial chemoprophylaxis and the necessity to continue it for one month after return.

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