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Recurrent groin hernia
  1. P. J. Cox,
  2. R. D. Leach,
  3. Harold Ellis


    One hundred consecutive recurrences following repair of inguinal hernias have been studied; 62 were direct, 30 indirect, 7 pantaloon and one a femoral hernia. Half the indirect recurrences occurred within a year of repair and probably represented failure to detect a small indirect sac. Later indirect recurrences probably represented failure to repair the internal ring. Nine of the direct hernias were medial funicular recurrences and represented failure to anchor the darn medially. The rest of the direct recurrences were attributable to tissue insufficiency and could probably have been averted by larger tissue bites.

    Recurrences following inguinal herniorrhaphy remain an all too common problem but can be reduced by meticulous surgical technique.

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