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Consumption of refined carbohydrate by patients with Crohn's disease in Tel-Aviv-Yafo.
  1. K. Silkoff,
  2. A. Hallak,
  3. L. Yegena,
  4. P. Rozen,
  5. J. F. Mayberry,
  6. J. Rhodes,
  7. R. G. Newcombe


    In 27 patients with Crohn's disease living in Israel the current intake of refined carbohydrate (total sugars) and added sugar is significantly greater than in healthy controls. The dietary survey was retrospective and showed that patients with Crohn's disease ate 269 g of monosaccharides and disaccharides each day compared with 192 g by matched controls. Similar differences were also found at the onset of the symptoms, 314 g compared with 207 g. These findings were independent of the country of origin or cultural grouping. Several factors are discussed which suggest a secondary rather than causal relationship between sugar consumption and Crohn's disease.

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