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Experience with cellulose acetate-coated activated charcoal haemoperfusion in the treatment of severe hypnotic drug intoxication.
  1. P. Crome,
  2. G. Hampel,
  3. B. Widdop,
  4. R. Goulding


    A haemoperfusion column containing activated charcoal coated with cellulose acetate was used to treat 7 patients with barbiturate or ethchlorvynol poisoning. Six of the patients showed marked lightening of coma and all showed a significant fall in plasma drug concentration. Plasma drug clearance and platelet loss were similar to those reported for other coated charcoal columns. Cellulose acetate-coated charcoal haemoperfusion may reduce the period of coma in severe poisoning with barbiturates and other hypnotic drugs and thus the morbidity and mortality.

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