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Palmar main line polymorphisms in cataracts.
  1. T. Padma,
  2. J. S. Murty


    The palm prints of patients with different types of cataract (total, nuclear, zonular, cortical and complicated) were analysed for main line terminations and compared with those of a random population. The cases were also grouped into congenital, juvenile and senile types for broader comparison. The results showed significant variations for all the 4 main line terminations (D, C, B and A) in senile and cortical cataracts, while among other types of cataract, congenital cases differed significantly in D and A line, zonular in C and A line and nuclear in B and A line terminations compared with controls. A comparison of familial and isolated cases revealed significant differences for D and A line terminations only in cases of senile cataract. The main line terminations also indicated considerable sex-dependent heterogeneity among the diseased and control subjects. The significance of the results obtained are discussed in terms of pleiotropic mechanisms leading to the formation of cataract.

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