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Galactorrhoea following surgical procedures to the chest wall: the role of prolactin.
  1. I. A. MacFarlane,
  2. M. D. Rosin


    Normal prolactin levels were found in two cases of galactorrhoea following surgical procedures to the chest wall and one was treated successfully with bromocriptine. Studies were then carried out to test the claim that chest-wall injury is one of the common causes of hyperprolactinaemia. Serum prolactin levels were measured before and after thoracotomy in 7 patients, following traumatic rib fractures in 8 patients and after burns to the chest in one patient. No evidence was found to suggest that sustained hyperprolactinaemia follows chest wall surgery or injury, and the role of prolactin in the condition 'chest wall injury' galactorrhoea is discussed.

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