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Testicular feminization syndrome: a report of three Ethiopian patients and a brief review.
  1. E. Tsega,
  2. B. Damtew


    The clinical features of 3 Ethiopian patients presenting with the complete syndrome of testicular feminization are described. All 3 were seen because of primary amenorrhoea. At laparotomy, one patient had testes located intra-abdominally, a second lodged in the inguinal canals and a third as masses in the labia majora. Also, one of these patients had bilateral inguinal herniae, a usual feature of this syndrome. Since the incidence of malignancy is high among individuals with undescended testes, they were removed in 2 patients. In the third patient, however, the testes were not removed because of delay in development of secondary sex characteristics. The literature on testicular feminization is also briefly reviewed.

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