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The role of chemotherapy in the management of fungal endocaridits following homograft valve replacement.
  1. W. Wain,
  2. M. Ahmed,
  3. R. Thompson,
  4. M. Yacoub


    Initial intensive combined chemotherapy, with late re-operation when indicated, appears to give better results than immediate excision of the infected valve. The combination chemotherapy used in this series was amphotericin B (up to 100 mg/patient/day) and flucytosine (up to 12 g/patient/day). Serious side effects attributed to this chemotherapy were extremely rare. Candida infections were the most common and the Aspergillus infections were uniformly fatal. Embolectomies and excisions of large mycotic aneurysms were generally successful. Re-operation for late valve malfunction was common and yielded satisfactory results.

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