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Recent advances in the identification of hepatitis viruses.
  1. J. L. Dienstag,
  2. R. H. Purcell


    Resulting directly from the discovery of virus-related antigens, rapid progress has marked the last decade of viral hepatitis research. The hepatitis B virion has been tentatively identified as a DNA virus with an endogenous DNA polymerase, and new serological markers for type B hepatitis have been discovered. Hepatitis A antigen has been identified on a virus-like particle thought to be the hepatitis A virion. Progressively more sophisticated assays for hepatitis antigens and antibodies have been applied to the study of viral hepatitis epidemiology and biochemical-biophysical characterization of the agents. Most recently, knowledge learned from such studies has been exploited to develop a prototype non-infectious but immunogenic hepatitis B vaccine using hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) purified in large quantities from chronic HBsAg carriers. Especially exciting is the prospect, suggested by serological studies of viral hepatitis, that hepatitis viruses besides hepatitis A and B viruses will be identified.

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