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Teeth, vomiting and diet: a study of the dental characteristics of seventeen anorexia nervosa patients.
  1. P. S. Hurst,
  2. L. H. Lacey,
  3. A. H. Crisp


    Seventeen anorexia nervosa patients were examined dentally and their dietary histories and eating habits studied. Analysis of the data confirmed earlier observations dental deterioration associated with anorexia nervosa. The deterioration included a pattern of enamel dissolution in cases of vomiting, regurgitation, and/or the consumption of large amounts of citrus fruits; and an altered caries response due to abnormal carbohydrate consumption. Despite the patient's probably insistent denial of 'anorectic' eating habits, the general practitioner should consider the existence of anorexia nervosa in the presence of such abnormal features, especially in young women. The relationship of these findings to larger populations with similar eating habits is discussed.

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