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Hypophosphataemia and phosphorus requirements during intravenous nutrition.
  1. S. J. Tovey,
  2. K. G. Benton,
  3. H. A. Lee


    Seven patients with acute illnesses developed hypophosphataemia whilst receiving intravenous nutrition which included a fat emulsion, Intralipid, a possible source of phosphorus. The authors' observations cast doubt on the bio-availability of the phosphorus contained in the phospholipid content of the fat emulsion. The currently recommended allowance of phosphorus for this type of patient appears to be too low and it is suggested that 0-5-0-75 mmol/kg body weight be provided, preferably as a neutral phosphate solution. Sine hypophosphataemia can occur at various time intervals after starting intravenous nutrition and precede clinical sequelae it is recommended that routine serum phosphate measurements are made in all patients receiving this treatment.

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