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Necrotizing fasciitis.
  1. M. A. Tehrani,
  2. I. M. Ledingham


    The author's experience of fourteen patients with necrotizing fasciitis is reviewed. The pathognomonic feature of this condition is an extensive necrosis of subcutaneous tissue caused by a vicious cycle of infection, local ischaemia and reduced host defence mechanisms. The diagnosis can only be confirmed by immediate exploratory incision. The reported mortality of 30-40% reflects the inadaquacy of conservative surgery in the treatment of this serious condition. Mortality can be reduced by early recognition followed by radical excision of the necrotic fascia and overlying skin. The preservation and subsequent use of the excised skin has the advantage of economy in the use of donor areas and reduction in morbidity. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy does not halt the spread of the necrotizing process and is not a substitute for radical surgery.

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