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A study of the wound environment during total hip arthroplasty
  1. J. McLauchlan,
  2. H. G. Smylie,
  3. J. R. C. Logie,
  4. G. Smith


    Two hundred and seventeen total hip replacements were performed during a trial designed to assess the influence of a surgical isolator upon postoperative wound infection. The trial was controlled by performing 108 of the replacements in a standard plenum-ventilated theatre with twenty air changes/hr, which also housed the isolator procedures. Comparative postoperative wound infection rates were 6·4% for the isolator patients and 4·6% for those operated on in the plenum-ventilated theatre. There was intraoperative wound contamination in both groups of patients and, although the isolator reduced wound contamination at operation, this bore no relationship to eventual wound sepsis.

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