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Serum lipid changes following the completed stroke syndrome
  1. F. D. Hollanders,
  2. J. Shafar,
  3. P. Burton


    Levels of serum cholesterol and M-particle lipoprotein have been monitored in twenty-six patients after the onset of the completed stroke syndrome. Measurements were made regularly over the first 4 weeks and again at 3 months. A steady fall in serum cholesterol was noted which evened out after the ninth day and returned to the original level by the third month. M-particle lipoprotein showed no change in the first 4 weeks but a significant rise over the original level was demonstrated at 3 months.

    Some implications of these findings are discussed and it is concluded that, if required, valid serum cholesterol measurements can be made following the completed stroke syndrome provided the blood sample is withdrawn within 24 hr of the acute episode. These findings accord well with those after myocardial infarction.

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