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L-Dopa and amantadine hydrochloride in extra-pyramidal disorders
  1. J. D. Parkes,
  2. R. P. Knill-Jones,
  3. P. J. Clements


    L-Dopa and amantadine hydrochloride were separately given to patients with diverse extra-pyramidal disorders including progressive supranuclear palsy; porto-systemic encephalopathy; oculogyric crises; drug-induced Parkinsonism; Huntington's chorea, hemiballismus; spasmodic torticollis, familial tremor; and athetosis. Akinesia and rigidity were improved in the first two conditions and simultaneously there was improvement in disordered eye movement. Amantadine provoked an exacerbation in spasmodic torticollis and familial tremor. No other condition was influenced. Both amantadine and L-dopa will facilitate eye movement mechanisms: it seems probable that both drugs act on dopamine-sensitive areas within the CNS. Neither drug will give significant benefit in the above disorders.

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