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Eye survey—Mrewa Trust Lands
  1. S. W. Jamieson


    In a remote area of Rhodesia, 4051 rural Africans were examined. Emphasis was placed on examination of the eye although attention was also devoted to any other complaints. The main finding was of a follicular conjunctivitis, two-thirds of these cases being judged to be due to trachoma. Pathology was found more frequently in the younger patients, in whom there was a high incidence of acute purulent conjunctivitis. In older patients cataract and conjunctival growths were found to be common. Many patients had multiple disorders.

    Malnutrition and vitamin deficiencies were also seen and treated, and many other medical disorders were recorded.

    The major weapon in combating general infection and eye disease would be a basic education in hygiene, and this is being put into practice.

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