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Ocular sarcoidosis
  1. H. Jackson


    In 5529 new patients attending eye clinics 0·8% of patients were found to have endogenous uveitis. None had radiographic evidence of sarcoidosis. Of thirty-four who had a Mantoux test 56% were negative. A Kveim test done on twenty-four of the cases revealed that 12·5% were positive, and in two of these histological evidence of sarcoidosis was found.

    Eighty-two patients with multisystem sarcoidosis were similarly investigated and in addition their lachrymal secretion was measured. Of these twelve (14·6%) had an ocular lesion, six having bilateral uveitis, two unilateral uveitis and four lachrymal gland enlargement. 58% of these cases were found to have reduced lachrymal secretion. In addition fifty-seven of these patients without ocular abnormality had their lachrymal secretion measured and 49% of these were found to have reduced lachrymal secretion.

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