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An epidemic of ECHO 6 virus infection
  1. A. S. Mary,
  2. J. H. Swallow


    Fourteen cases of infection with ECHO 6 virus in the Chelmsford area from August to December 1968 are described. A comparative account of the seasonal, geographical and age incidence is given, and its relationship to certain epidemiological aspects is discussed.

    Aseptic meningitis occurred in eleven patients, pharyngitis in seven and myalgia in five. One patient suffered from pericarditis, a manifestation of this infection which has not hitherto been recognized. Another patient suffering from aseptic meningitis developed nephritis during the course of the illness, an association which has not been reported with ECHO 6 infection.

    A relapse occurred in one patient with meningitis. No permanent ill-effects followed in any case.

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