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Autoimmune haemolytic anaemia complicating methyldopa therapy
  1. Ivor Surveyor,
  2. K. C. Saunders,
  3. Byron Evans,
  4. T. E. Parry


    Ten out of fifty-seven patients on methyldopa therapy were found to have a positive direct Coombs' test, the antibody being in all cases of the IgG type. Four of these had an autoimmune haemolytic anaemia and in spite of associated diseases all four showed rapid haematological improvement when the drug was stopped.

    The incidence of autoimmune haemolytic anaemia due to methyldopa may be higher than has previously been suggested, but since the haemolytic process is reversible it seems reasonable at present, in view of its effectiveness as a hypotensive drug, to continue its use under adequate haematological control.

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